Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Start

This is the first time I'm writing a blog. It's been a long time since the blog "heat" started. I guess I'm just a little slower than others. This question pops out next. How should I start the blog?

Hmm.... I guess I'll write what pops out my mind. Since I juz came back from Jeff Chang's concert today, I'll jot it down here. In the recent concerts that I've been to, I feel that Jeff's concert is the most worthwhile watching. Even though its juz a short 2.5 hours. There's orchestra, the theme is classical with love songs. I juz simply love this mixture. The music and songs are juz great. It's juz fantastic. Some minor issues though. Some people dun really appreciate the classical ensemble. Haiz... fancy going toilet during this period.

Coming back to the concert. Its really a classical classic concert with opera singer as guest. I've never seen such event in pop concert. The concert is really unique. Too bad I didn't bring camera otherwise can take some pics to upload here.

I guess that's all for the day.