Saturday, 5 July 2008



This morning as I was travelling on a bus, there's an old man who get on a bus, tapped on the ezlink machine and sat down. Next the bus captain called him to tap again as there's error in his previous tapping. Its the error sound again and the captain asked him to make cash payment. He's in no wrong to ask him pay. Seems to me the old man wants to take a free ride. The old man was searching within his pockets for 5 mins before being able to pay. During this 5 mins, to me he seems quite pitiful and I had the urge to pay for him but I realise, helping him pay his dues is not helping him realise his mistake. 1st - make sure card's topped up, 2nd - be more considerate to others. Why?

Here's why. I believe being old is not an excuse to not pay dues. Looking from another angle, the bus captain is doing his job. If any of the passenger is caught not paying, the bus captain will have demerit points and might lose some incentive. It should be the onus of oneself to ensure that there's enough to pay the dues. Not hope that others will take pity and waive off the payment or help to pay.

On the same bus, I noticed something else. There's a pretty lady seated a row in front of me, there's an old man alighting. During this time he was standing at the door, he stared at the lady. I know the lady's pretty but there's no need to stare at her for so long and even after he had alighted, he turned round to look at her another time. Yes, I agree that pretty ladies are good to look at. For me, people staring at me, I'll feel uncomfortable. Maybe I'm a little too sensitive about the staring but I feel he shouldn't have done that as it might her feel uncomfortable. Or, haha... she likes it? But I doubt so. A respectful look at the pretty lady once for a couple of seconds should be enough for admiration.

There's a limit to everything, so don't overdo it.

Haha... seems like today I see a couple of things that I find not right about old people.

Talking about old, I really feel old a couple of days ago. I sprinted almost 100metres to catch a bus and I was panting when I took a seat. Haha... I should say, its more lack of exercise than being old. MM Lee being over 80 years of age is still able to swim, jog and is energetic. Exercise is the key. I think I should schedule in an exercise regime to keep fit.

Always remember, to be able to look after others, one must be able to look after oneself first. It's not fair for others to look after you when you have the ability to look after yourself.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Have anyone thought about how many families will a person have in his/her life?

In my opinion, there are 3 families that a person will have in his/her life.
1) Parent family
2) Parent-in-law family
3) Own family

When a person enters into a relationship or even have a family together with another person, there are another 2 families that come into the picture and must be taken into consideration. Everyone has to accept this fact. A marriage is not only about 2 individuals but also the members of the 2 families. When one like the person, he/she has to accept, love and take care the family members too.

Neglecting or even leave them out of the equation can and will cause drift in the relationship. An effort has to be made to mingle with the other members so that the person can be blended and accepted into the family.

A blissful relationship involves more than 2 persons.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Using New Technology and latest photo taking

I'll be using my handphone to take pics more often now. Haha...

There's this latest technology gadget that my bro bought in Hong Kong and its called Bluetooth. As I do not have a built-in bluetooth device in my desktop or laptop, this gadget is very useful to me. Haha... a little late right. I'm always a step slower but the thing is I've at least sat on the tech boat and updated myself a little. Better than not up to date right.

Previously, I've got to switch off my HP, take out my mini SD and download onto my computer. Now, I just need to plug in the bluetooth device into my computer and I'll be able to download without much hassle. Its just like a thumbdrive.

Happy to add it to my technology inventory. I'll use it very often now.

And I used it to take a couple of cute photos. Hehe... Just snap and download. As easy as 1,2,3. Haha...

I'll take up a nice pose for you to take my picture.
Does the cat look familiar. Haha.... I've snapped this cat before. Its during the night when I was walking home from work.

Oh the sun's too hot. I need a nap. Don't disturb. I've found a cooling place under the hot sun to enjoy a nap.

There'll be more pictures coming up. I just love tech gadgets.

Back date to 21 June 08

Haha... need to back date a post. I think I'm plain lazy to write last sunday.

My uncle brought my grandmother and our family to the restaurant that we frequented. Had dinner at this restaurant in Clarke Quay. The event was to celebrate my brother's belated birthday and also to bring my grandmother out after a few days' stay in the hospital.

The name's called Metropole Herbal Restaurant. We usually have quite unique dishes that were the products of one of the manager there. I believe I'm advertising here but nice food is for all to share.

I must say I don't like the smell of lamb meat but I've taken a liking for this lamp chop that the restaurant serves. There's no "lamb smell". I couldn't help it but take a picture of it. Pardon my photo taking skill.
From the looks, it is already very appetising. The meat's tender. Do you see the small white dots. They are actually light green dots not white. Its peppermint cream. Mix with the meat, it gives off a peppermint smell and combine with the meat, there's a cooling taste. Its very tasty and delicious.

We had a wonderful dinner. Look forward to go there again.