Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Foreign workers are also humans

Was on the way home on the bus and a bangladesh worker was sitting in front of me. He was sitting there quietly the whole journey but out of a sudden, a fat guy seated behind me walked to him and scolded him "moxxxxfxxxer" and ask him "see what see!!". Thereafter, this fat guy just pushed this worker's head and slapped his face. Once, his head was knocked onto the glass window.

I was quite shocked as for nothing, this fat guy just came up to him and slapped him. The bangladesh worker didn't retaliate and sat there stunned. I guess he was too stunned to react.

Foreign workers are also humans, even if they did anything wrong, we should not use force against them. And moreover, I didn't even see any wrong done by this bangladesh worker. He's not in the wrong to look around. Coming to a faraway place and get bullied, is quite a sad thing. I believe they too have their woes and stress.