Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Five Hundred Thousand

When will a normal person accumulate five hundred thousand dollars? What will you do if you have a windfall of five hundred thousand dollars? How long will it take to use it up?

An article I read on the newspaper mentioned that this teenager won first prize in Toto and he used it up within a year.

Based on the assumption that a person were to save $1000 per month, a person will only get half a million in forty-one and a half years later. When I first read this article, my jaws dropped. One year and its gone!!! A windfall gone with the wind.

Would you want to be so happy for a time and next you know you're in the shithole? I wouldn't like such a feeling. I prefer to have two feet on the ground and make an honest living. One will definitely savour the results that one has obtained through hardwork. Such a feeling is definitely better.