Sunday, 13 April 2008

Aha!! A better Output Yesterday

The first time I cooked beef horfun, it was a flop. Yesterday, on my second try, the taste and appearance looked better but there's room for improvement. Ingredients and cooking method, I followed the recipe but made some alteration. Cooking, I feel is not really following strictly to receipe but how one try to make the most out of what you have and the skill. Keep practicising to brush up the skill is important. Keep an open mind to comments from others and keep improving.
I realise that being a mother who has to cook for the family is quite difficult. Has to plan what to buy, how to cook and finally clean up. I really believe the report that doing housework can keep people's mind alert and reduce chances of dementia. I was dead tired after the cooking session. Much more tired than studying coz a lot of things have to be kept on mind.
Mum's the best.... hehez...