Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ladies' Fashion

I chance upon an opinion from a lady saying "It doesn't matter what you do or what you wear, nobody deserves to be raped".
It started me thinking of the current fashion trend of ladies. I truly agree with this lady's opinion. Come to think of it, I remember when I was young, I always ask why must ladies wear so little clothes. Shouldn't they cover more to protect themselves from oogling (mild) to rape (extreme) by men. I feel back then, I was truly narrow-minded and very conservative then. Why do I say so?
From all the TV drama, I was somehow "imbued" with the concept of "nan nu shou shou bu qing" i.e. its inappropriate for guys to touch girls. The girls will all be covered up leaving only the face for people to see. And not to invite any lustful thoughts and acts, ladies should be covering themselves up. I know that guys are in the wrong to rape.
As I grow up, I start have a deeper perspective. Guys are in the wrong but this wrong has nothing to do with girls wearing more or less clothes. These lustful thoughts and acts are all in the mind. The mind controls the acts. If one do not have such thoughts, there will not be such acts. I must reinforce that the root of the problem is not with what ladies wear or act.
If one respects fashion and ladies, its very obvious to see why ladies wear them. Its for their confidence, beauty and own admiration and choice. There are certainly more reasons than what I've listed. A lady's beauty is for all to admire. Wearing these fashionable clothings are to bring out and reinforce their beauty. Not to seek and certainly not to invite destruction.

Last day of May (FSS)

In my office, there's a fish tank originally filled with 15 fishes. My senior manager says its to ward off "bad stuff" and bring luck. This means its fengshui fish. Haha... Better to believe than to be sorry.

But one month into my stint at my new office, 7 died. Sob... Haiz... Sob... there's no electricity to pump air into the tank and water became foggy and I guess the fishes died due to lack of oxygen. Luckily, 8 survived. Figure 8 is a good number in Chinese context. It means "prosperity". Haha... I'll be earning big bucks then.

Can you see them saying "Yoz... Yoz..." to you?


All fishes look alike so I can't be bothered to give names to them coz I'll not know who's who after that. Haha...

Having fishes in office is quite a good thing. They are quite easy to maintain and can help to destress a little when one look at them swimming freely in the water. So carefree. Rearing fishes is a profound activity which I've yet to learn. I guess, I'll settle my stuff first before turning my attention to other things. Hehe... :P


My mum complains of bloatedness in her legs and can't stand too long. Once she pass by a furniture shop and saw a nice high stool. I was ordered to get it back. Oh the furniture shop is 3 bus stops away from my house. Alamak!!! After work today, I bought the stool and carried it for 3 bus stops. Lucky for me, the wooden one is out of stock and I got a metal leg high stool. Otherwise, I don't think I'll be typing the blog today. My hands will be aching. Haha...

Though I bought the high stool but I still force her to go see a doc for this ailment.


Everything's back to normal already. For the past few days, I'll be bloated after a meal and till the next meal I still feel the bloated. I guess its due to the diarrhoea medicine I ate last week. This week, there's only in and no out. No choice. Still have to eat. Lucky I like to eat fruits and veggies otherwise dun know what to do with this problem. Day by day, I'm clearing my stuff bit by bit. Oh you must be saying gross. This is part and parcel of human. Nothing to be gross about.

Today, finally I'm feeling hungry before the next meal. Whew... I guess the fruits does help. My digestive system is back online but I'm thinner now. Haha... I've dropped below 60kg. I think I gotta eat and exercise to keep myself healthy. Today's a happy day for me. Hehe...

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Pets and Plants

I can't say I understand chilli but I love to eat chilli to the extend of growing chilli plants. These plants started before my brother left for Uganda and now it has grown tall with flowers blossoming. I hope to see flowers budding into chilli.
Growing chilli plant is much easier than keeping hamsters. Yes, definitely. I had 3 hamsters in the past but now all have passed on. 2 live till the age of 2 years which is quite long life for hamsters. The other one lived till 1 year plus. Hamsters need to be fed, played with and cleaned frequently. There are sorrows and joys. Sorrows are when I need to clean their home. Joys are when I feed them and play with them. I must say they are cute little animals. I learnt a lot from them. I missed them. But I don't think I'll keep anymore hamsters.
And I turn my attention to growing chilli plants. Watering day and night, an occasional drops of fertilizer and a trimming only when needed but otherwise not so much attention required. I hope to be able to eat the chilli that I grow. Looking forward to CHILLI!!!!!
Weather's hot and I still eat chilli. Can't be help. I seems to be addicted to chilli. Haha...

Small Chilli Plants

Look carefully. The white spots are the flowers.

Another angle of the plant.