Saturday, 2 May 2009

Labour Day (pre-mother's day celebration)

Its labour day yesterday. A good day to rest and relax after a week of work. It's a good day to have a family get together.

A few days back I was hatching a plan. Next sunday will be mother's day. It'll definitely be very crowded and things will also be expensive so I decided to celebrate it on Labour's day. My aunts and uncles will celebrate early with my grandmother. Also our family have the tradition of celebrating early. So yesterday's really a good day. In the past, my brother and I will chip in to buy presents for my mum or she'll think of something she wants and both of us will share to buy it. This year, I thought of doing it a little different. As the second sunday's mother's day, so I decided to give my mum a treat. To be honest, it is the first time I bring my mum out to shop.

My aunts were watching X-Men Origin: Wolverine so we had chinese vegetarian buffet lunch together at Lingzhi restaurant. This was suggested by my brother as he ate there a couple of months back. But seems the food not as good as the previous. I too find the food normal. But we had a hearty lunch. My aunts and mum were all chatting and laughing away.

Guess who's my mum?

She the one sitting down. From left, my 4th aunt, 2nd aunt and 7th aunt

My aunts accompanied my mum to shop. Haha... its very funny watching my aunts and my mum shopping... typical aunty... haha... oops.. hope my aunts wouldn't be reading any of this otherwise i'll be nagged till my ears drop. My mum's taste really very "traditional". Finding clothes nowadays too colourful, too thin, too expensive, etc. My mum selected one or two pieces but the salesaunty added "oil to fire" and in the end, she bought quite a lot of clothes.. haha... i guess its female instinct that women like to shop and buy nice things. Haha... Luckily I got vouchers. Its really great to see my mum and aunts enjoying themselves.

Oh... my dad bought a couple of shirts too and he mentioned that these are the most expensive shirts he bought in his lifetime... my brother and I was like huh... really ah... wow... my dad's really thrifty...

Its really fun and I think I should organize such an activity more frequently.