Sunday, 14 September 2008

Many Photos (Finally a new post)

Sweep!! Sweep!! This blog is covered with dust. Haha!!! Its been a month after my last post.
Here I present to everyone the photos taken during the fireworks 2008. This is the 1st time I attended a "Live" fireworks show. My house's near the stadium so I get to see "free" fireworks display in the comfort of home but this year I get to have a feel of the atmosphere of seeing it actual. The feeling is really different. Back home, the excitement is not there. At the actual ground, everyone's excited to see the display of fireworks. Adults and children are all awed to see the fireworks. Here's part of my photo collection. Too lazy to put up all lah...
Fireworks 2008
Too excited!! Can't hold camera still.

Oh too much smoke make the later fireworks pale off among the cloud

Took it at the exact moment

My bro and I had a fun time. Besides the visual feast, we treated ourselves with a feast of food. Weather's cold so we had "ma la fishball" and other hot stuff (though we suffered some heatiness later). Well, its really a wonderful feeling to eat hot stuff in such cold weather.

That day it was raining for quite a while. And luckily the rain stopped sometime before the show otherwise the display's not going to be nice. In actual fact, the display is not really that spectacular because the moist air has made the smoke linger longer than usual and causes the later fireworks to be covered in an air of cloud.

The whole display of fireworks lasted about half an hour. The display is segmented into various themes with different accompanying music. One of the music comes from the Korean drama serial "Da Chang Jin". Pardon my lack of knowledge. Erm... the rest of the songs, I don't know where's it from. The fireworks went on to the beat of the music. Instrumental music is a great match for such display.

Timing's just right on that day. Rain starts again after the display, everyone starts leaving.

Common Scene in Singapore

It is not only in developing and 3rd world countries do one see such scene but it is a common sight in prosperous Singapore too. I had my fair share of such scenes. Where I see it? HDB void decks and in construction sites are a common sight. There's no need to be alarmed about it.

But I heard from a conversation between 2 of my colleagues that they find such sight a cultural shock. One went to India on overseas business trip and saw people just lying on the ground to sleep. Is it really cultural shock or just that the person didn't get to experience such sights which is a common sight in Singapore? Singaporeans are well-educated and some are in a world of prosperity and comfort which explains why there's a cultural shock. People should come of this comfort world to look around and experience. I've seen a little but I must confess that I do need to have more of such experience too. This will broaden and make me realise a lot more things. It is a learning experience.

When one keeps an open mind and gain more exposure, it'll be more of a learning experience than a cultural shock.