Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hmm... Today I'm on leave. Sky's dark and raining. Just like a person being sick, the spirit's dampen and mood's gone. When a person's old, it gets more difficult to recover. My grandma's having diarrhea and vomitting for a week now and its still not getting better. It's really sad. Hope the trip to the doctor can cure her.

Back track a little to the past weekend. Cooking instant noodles is not easy too. Its not the put in boiling water and cook that's all. I got this receipe from stomp that teaches 50 different ways to cook instant noodles so I thought of giving it a try.

Here's the end result.

Though the appearance isn't very appealing but the taste is quite nice. I cooked another side dish which I saw on TV. Haha... the taste's quite good except that appearance-wise is not so appealing too. I guess the more practice the better it'll look.