Saturday, 1 November 2008

My Little Nephew

Today is the first time I had a real good time playing with my little nephew. I met my cousin and her husband at grandma's house for dinner today. This little nephew of mine is going to be a year old this coming december. Ever since he's born, he doesn't seems to like me. I couldn't carry him for more than ten minutes and he'll be crying. Hmm... not sure why. Maybe he doesn't feel comfortable with my carrying skill or I might be too skinny now. Haha... But I must say I've got some experience in tackling babies and kids.

I remember when I was a teenager, I played with my baby cousin that time and he's like screaming and laughing with joy as I carried him high up and let him touch the beam in my grandma's house. I would chase him round the glass table and we'll have lotsa fun and laughter. That time, actually I started to like kids and babies. They are just so lovely and innocent. As I grow up, I actually harbour the thought of being a kindergarten teacher. After some thought, I decided not to pursue this as I find that I'm not up to scratch to teach anyone as I myself am not really a person with excellent character. So I think I'll be contented with playing with my kid cousins and also other people's babies. Hehe....

Oops... I must have taken the time machine fifteen years back. Coming back to the present, its very happy feeling to see my little nephew smile and laugh. Today, a record breaking smiles and carrying time I had with my little nephew. But I must say, he's rather heavy. Aching in the arms after carrying him for too long and flying him around. Its an enjoyable dinner time today. Oh, Ryan is my nephew's name.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Weird Stuff

Saw a news article Its about a designer of lingerie who has put in this Global Positioning System (GPS) thingy into lingerie. When I first read the headlines, I was thinking is there any one so crazy to let other people know where they are and even put it into the lingerie.

It mentioned there was a password and even if the girls give the password to their husbands or boyfriends, the wearer can still switch it off to prevent other people from knowing their whereabouts. If such lingerie are bought by guys as a present then their wives or girlfriends will not know they are being kept under the watchful eyes. Haha... vice versus too. I guess guys will oppose GPS being put into the underwear. Wives or girlfriends keeping tabs on your movement!! It would be the end of the world. Haha... Guys beware of wives giving underwear for present as it might be installed with GPS. Actually, its quite a good device. Guys will think twice of hanky panky. Haha...

Then a thought came to my mind. Its quite a scary thing to do as this actually breaks the foundation (TRUST) that a couple builds on to strengthen their relationship. Its no point carrying on the relationship if either party is wary of the other. With the creation of such devices, its actually very sad to find that the world no longer see morality as a basis to keep everyone in line.