Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Sunday Later

7 Days to Go
Its the first Sunday of May. Anybody realise its gonna be Mother's Day 7 days later or next Sunday.

Oops... Enough time to get a presen for mum? Haha... It'll be a belated one and it'll be flown from overseas. My brother's in charge of buying the present and he'll be back next month. We are getting her a New Hong Kong Drama. Haha... Like me, my mum's a TV addict too. In the meantime, I think I'll cook something for her next Sunday. I've got 7 days to think of what to cook. Haha... hope I don't make a mess to the kitchen.

Travel back in time
Mum's with me for 29 years this October. I remember she told me that I was such a tiny winny baby and have to be kept in the incubator when I was born. Now I'm taller than her. Looking back, Mum really made a lot of sacrifices for the both of us. I think without her guidance, I'll not be who I am today. There's no scolding and caning as we have grown up and are mature to think already.

I remember the worst caning I got. I ran around the whole living room, around the table, furniture and eventually got beaten to a pulp (cane marks all over legs, arms and buttocks). Haha... come to think of it, its really very funny. I only know how to run and didn't know how to face the problem and punishment squarely. If one were to visualise it, you'll be laughing your head off at the scene. But without Mum's "Iron Fist" control, I don't think I be able to be who I am today.

I can only say "Mum's the best". Nothing can be said more to represent my gratitude towards her. Oh not forgetting my grandmother too. My grandmother is another mum to me too. I'll take care of both of them to my best ability.