Saturday, 14 June 2008

Happy and Sad

There's happy and sad events this week.

I prefer to talk about the sad issue first leaving the happy event to the last.

Sad event
A small injury to the toe has caused my grandmother to suffer. Due to her diabetes and the poor blood circulation in the veins and arteries, the toe has blackened. Doc said that to be save her life, the leg above the knee has to be amputated but the operation can take its toll on her heart and might die or set in a coma during the operation. If operation is not done, the toe will dry up and fall off, the bacteria might go into the blood stream and once it travels to the heart, death will not be far.

After hearing this, it was like both hands are tied and there is no way out. I suddenly feel lost and sad. I almost wanted to cry out but bottled it. But after listening to what my aunt said, I feel letting grandma to go through the painful knee operation is very selfish. It's much better to have less pain and go off peacefully then go through all the pain and still go off in the end. I know that everyone has to go someday and I feel that the least painful death (pass away in sleep) will be most peaceful way to go. I've come to accept terms and hope that my grandmother will go off peacefully.

From here, I learnt one thing. One has to take care of own's health before being able to take care of others and also not to cause others unhappiness and worry. Too extreme, but this should be on one's mind so that even if the target's fall short, we are still able to take care of others without much problem.

Happy event
There's two though. One, I'm very happy that my chilli plant is bearing chilli. Through this, I've actually learnt that one needs to constantly take care of the plant for plants to blossom flowers and bear fruits. Its the same for relationships. It takes constant effort to sustain any relationships be it family, friends or even couples.

Two, my brother's back from Uganda. He's been away for 10 weeks. Finally, he has come back. The house is much more lively. Haha... and can help to lessen my household chores. Hehe... But its really good to have him back.

I pray for my grandmother.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A little meal

Actually, I really admire the perseverance of people who make dinner for their family after work. I tried it last week. After I reach home, I sort of feel half dead already (walking from the mrt station back home). Lucky, I borrowed a helping hand i.e. my mum. I asked her to help with washing the veggies and defrost the wantons and crabmeats. Otherwise, I don't think we can have dinner at 7.30.

Why do it then? So tired after work and still come back to cook the meal and still have to ask mum for help. Its worth it. Well, its my dad's birthday. Cooking noodles on birthdays represent long life. My dad prefers food so food as a present is suitable. Though its a simple dish but its the sincerity that counts. When my bro's back, we'll whip up something more happening to celebrate father's day too.
My first time doing dried wanton mee. Haha... a little plain. Need to add more soy sauce. A feedback from my mum. There's still more room for improvement. Next time will do better and get good chilli sauce to mix the noodle.

Sunday, 8 June 2008


There are landmines even in the time of peace!!!

Before you look at the picture below, can you figure out what the landmine is?

Haha... its animal shit found in the middle of a footpath junction.

I find it really funny... Animal shit at cross-junction. This place can no longer be a cross-junction coz pedestrian has to skirt round the landmine in order not to have a shoe smell of shit. Eeeee.... so smelly. Haha...

Talking about pedestrians. Have you seen a pedestrian being fined for flouting traffic rules. I saw not one but five pedestrians being asked to take out IC and lectured by the traffic police what offence they have committed and telling them not to do it again. It happened at the bus stop opp. Eunos MRT. That place is actually a landmine too. A couple of steps away is the traffic light but many do not use that and would cross illegally as it is faster. I guess it is human nature to take short cuts and it is the design that forces people to take the short cuts as it doesn't make sense to walk further up and use 3 traffic lights when one can cross illegally to reach the opposite of the road. Nevertheless, after this incident, I think I better stick to the rules and not flout the law otherwise the law will one day catch me. Haha... I am very "kiasi" hor. What to do? I don't wanna claim my insurance so young and I do not want to have a brush with the law.

Old Age and Health

Yesterday, I went to visit my grandmother in TTSH. I looked around her room and a few other rooms and I found that most of the patients are ladies older than 50 years of age.

It got me thinking. Old age and health really comes hand in hand. Just like machines, the older the machine, the more servicing and repairs it will need. But I have a little thing to add-on. That is, when a person does good maintenance and servicing during its young and prime years, the chance of getting sick is relatively reduced.

Good maintenance I believe is to stay healthy, not to indulge in vices, eat healthily (I know its difficult and occasional indulges should be fine coz without such indulges, life will be very meaningless), engage in sports & other activities and a conscience in everything you do. Even if at the end of the day, something bad happen, at least I know I've tried my best to stay healthy but its some other factors that cause me to fall sick. Whatever happens, nobody and nothing to blame. To recover it is important to have the support of the family and have a survival mindset.


I found an article written by Toni Coleman about what chemistry is and I find that the explanation is an acceptable one. It's important to have a basic knowledge of what real chemistry consists of.

Chemistry has two components: the physical attraction, where a person will feel breathless, excited and weak in the knees, palms sweat, heart races and bondy tingles with nervous anticipation when meeting this person and the other dimension is the values, beliefs, personalities and worldview of this person.

Physical attraction can be so strong to overcome the rational thinking to find out the other party's character and views. Take a step back fro a minute and find out who the other party actually is before going deeper into a relationship. Actually, its all in the mind. It'll be better to use both heart and mind to find out if the other party has initial suitability.

Of the two components, I feel the latter holds a greater percentage in the makeup of chemistry but physical attraction does play a part too.

"Spiritual affinity" is what Kahlil Gibran defines the latter. It's the hidden element of chemistry. It's when two beings meet and connect on a deeper level. It can only be felt in the heart and soul. It's about friendship, respect and humor and the feelings of warmth and contentment that come when you are in his/her presence. This "deeper level" is made up of the family, surroundings one grow up in, values being imbued into and other factors tangible and intangible. Even if you can connect on this deeper level but will one be able to accept it is another story. It all boils down back to the basics. Maybe each individual's "basic" criteria is different but I would feel that some of the basics are happiness, food, enjoyment, care and concern, stability, focus, sincere, honest and supportive. Only when one has the basics, then it is possible to look out for other things in life.

It's time to think what is your basic if you've not done it.