Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Two Families

I read an article in the morning about more cases of men leaving families here to set up another family overseas.

It seems there are more and more cases of men disappearing without any trace. Not that they are being kidnapped or anything but the report states that they are setting up another family overseas and thus abandoning the first family here. The men did a disappearing act by "poof" and they are no longer contactable and traceable. Wives have gone through the police, etc to search for their "missing husbands". But apparently to no avail and have taken the drastic action to hire private investigators to find their husbands.

This "disappearing act" has actually caused distraught to wives and children. I don't think I can comprehend the actions of these men. But it might not be difficult to comprehend why some wives have to resort to check on their husbands and requires counseling (an article in the evening chinese newspaper). This action of irresponsibility alone has lead to numerous problems. One of which is that the child is affected. It is really sad to read such an article. A couple of questions popped out. Is the word "responsibility" no longer in the dictionary? Why is there such a selfish act? Whose to blame for this?

But I think, everything boils down to a person's moral convictions. And such convictions seems eroding away. An analogy just came into my mind. Choosing a life partner is not like choosing a handphone. Every few years, there'll be new, more sophisticated, more slick, more beautiful and better handphone models entering the market and a decision to change a handphone can be at a flick of the fingers. There's a high turnover of handphones. It seems that there is a turnover too for partners. I should say the correct phrase should be "life partners". A decision to marry the other party to be wife or husband is actually a decision that is suppose to be made once in a lifetime. There shouldn't be any "turnover" at all.

The selection of life partner should be taken seriously and effort required to sustain the relationship.