Saturday, 3 May 2008

Wanton Noodle

I got two boxes of shrimp wanton from my aunt and I got this idea to cook wanton mee. Haha... no recipe, I just cook what I can find in the fridge. I just put corn and ikan bilis to cook the soup, add in the shrimp wanton and I added the sausages.

Looks nice and yummy right. The soup taste sweet too. Haha... I had my fill tonight.

The soup wanton mee is not very difficult. Its cooking dried wanton mee that's difficult. Got to have the proper mix of ingredients for the chilli sauce to bring out the taste. I've got to search for the mix and prepare it the next time. Maybe next time, I'll try to learn how to wrap shrimp wanton too.

A last look

The Place Where I Grow Up

My grandmother and aunts have moved to their new home in Kallang, near the MRT. A very good location. Went back today to reminisce how I used to grow up there.

This is the front door.

The hall that I used to run about and watch tv. Though the cupboards and furniture have all been changed but the memories will still be there. My parents told me that they would put my baby cradle at one side and I will be standing up to watch tv. :) Haha... I'm a TV addict since young.

This is the small bathroom that I remember that my grandmother used to bath me in a small red tub.

How I wish I can go back in time to enjoy the moments again...

The Cute and The Ugly

Last night after a long day's work, two things caught my eye. One's the cute, the others the ugly. Most will like to talk about the cute ones first. But I prefer to save the best to the last.

The Ugly

Some people are just so inconsiderate. Why do they have to do it at the expense of others? They just think of themselves and their own comfort and didn't think of what will happen later.

From the photo, you'll know that its on the double decker bus. I took it on the sly. Haha... otherwise I think I'll be on the newspapers with the headlines "Beaten for taking photo". Coming back to the issue. For his comfort, this guy put his sandals on the seat opposite him. I pity the person who's gonna sit on the seat. His/her clothes will be dirtied. He should be more considerate. Other people will have a bad impression of him. Does comfort rank higher than impression, etc?

The Cute

Hmm.... I'm savouring the moment, smiling as I write this. On my walk home, I saw this cute little cat. The place seems to be its territory and it positioned itself cutely.

Cute right. Sitting nicely at the centre of the staircase. As I walked towards it, it didn't even move. Haha... this is its territory. But it didn't stay on the position for long. It slowly walked to the grass patch nearby. Hmm... so cute.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Physical Day

Yesterday, my grandmother and aunts have moved to their new house. The actual size is smaller though on drawing it has a bigger floor area. But flats are smaller nowadays. My aunt has a few furniture to give away and since I'm in need of some additional furniture, I chose the cupboard for more space. But I have to make some changes to suit my needs.

Some will think, why alter, just buy another one. No need to waste time and money. It'll be good to learn something and try my hands on making something. Anyway, for guys, its better to be able mend or repair things at home. I met one guy who can't troubleshoot to switch on their aircon at home. He just need to switch on the main switch that's all. That's why, I should try my hand at repairs.

I went to Ikea to search for stuff and hope to brainstorm for ideas on how to alter the cupboard to maximise the space for my "newly acquired" cupboard. With the blueprint already formed up and the materials all in order, I start my alteration. Not having machinery, I'll have to do it manually. Sawing the timber is the hardest part. Almost take all my strength from me. Pictures speak a thousand words.

An empty cupboard with an old computer desk to use of recycling.

The final product after slogging for 6 hours. Now you see it.

Now you don't.