Sunday, 19 July 2009

A New Fridge

I have a new fridge at home. After a search over two weeks, I've finally found one that fits my criteria. It fits the space in the kitchen, its capacity is bigger than the current one and price's quite ok. Energy saving is the current trend now. Thus a 3-tick by NEA is quite reassuring that this fridge can help to reduce energy consumption and save some cost.

The main feature of this fridge is that there's this "Plasma Ion" thingy which is said to be able to reduce the smell from meat, fish, etc thus keeping the air in the fridge fresh and nice. Whatever it is, I've fulfilled my basic criteria. The rest of the features are only added incentives for me.

There are many layers at the top freezer and normal fridge space. Now our family can put in a lot more stuff and reduce the frequency of going to the market.

Its really wonderful to be able to have a new thing at home. New things are always the focus for the initial period of time. Its the maintenance, proper look after and taking care of it that the product will last long and serve us well.

A Lesson learnt during a Lousy Week

Had a rather lousy week.

I was given the bad attitude and black face by my carpark attendant. It was really disturbing. I've never seen someone still think he's right when it is obviously his mistake. He still has the nerve to ask me not to transfer him out.

My colleague told me that we should look at another perspective. Besides being overwhelmed by anger to remove him, there's another way out. Its always possible to inform his supervisor about this problem and ask him to handle it or to retain him for the sake of not having so much trouble to train an new guy. But in my opinion, this person has crossed my threshold of tolerance and that with a new person, I can train him/her to the way I want.

What my colleague said is not without sense. This has actually taught me that building ones tolerance level is always good.