Sunday, 14 December 2008

Nice Desserts

Remembering my mum was craving for black sesame dessert for the past 2 weeks but I was busy preparing for my exam so I didn't buy for her then.

A little headache where to get nice desserts as I'm not really a dessert lover but I remembered a recommendation from my good friend and as I was free yesterday afternoon, I decided to make a trip down to Chinatown to stop her craving. Haha... hope it doesn't sounds like addiction. A search at the online food website and streetdirectory and I have located this shop which is located in Temple Street. Anxious to know the name? It's Mei Heong Yuen.

Got a direct bus around my workplace to Chinatown but the trip still took an hour. When I reached there, I was startled. It was crowded and I knew my good friend made a fantastic recommendation. I stood near the counter and checked the menu. After awhile, a waitress asked me in cantonese to take my order. I was a little startled. Hmm... why would she think I'm able to speak cantonese? Maybe I got a "cantonese" look. Haha... Lucky I could speak cantonese otherwise I'll have to tell her in mandarin what my order is.



Gui Ling Gao - for my bro as he's always studying till late into the night

Black Sesame - my mum's favourite dessert

We like to share and I tried all of them. The walnut, black sesame and almond pastes are all very smooth, taste very good and one of the best dessert I've had. My favourite is almond as I like its taste better. Its worth the money and the time to get the dessert. Of course, not forgetting to thank my good friend for the recommendation.

A Wet Sunday (a busy one too)

Oh.... cool sunday... Its raining since the early morning. Remembered that on last Monday which is Hari Raya Haji, it was also raining and as I was listening to the radio, heard the DJ saying that it is also a wet holiday and thus many people sms to her that the mood has been spoilt by the rain and they were lazing around the house and feeling bored.

Is there really nothing to do at home or it never occurred in people's mind to find something useful or meaningful to do at home instead of lazing around? Well, a look around the house has kept me busy the whole public holiday and at the end of the day had "bones cracking" from the packing of books, clearing tables, etc to mopping the floor. Haha... Can't be the reason of "lao le". I've not crossed the mark of half my lifespan (presume 65 one lifespan hehe....) I guess I had not worked out and doing physical stuffs the whole day has strained my muscles and bones.

A busy sunday for me. Alarm bells are ringing already.... Chinese New Year is just 6 weeks away. Gotta start some spring cleaning otherwise can't finish the cleaning up of the house. Oh... the thought of that and I'm feeling my bones starting to crack and muscles aching already.

Hmm.... in the past, I'll start with the glass windows first. Since today's a wet day, I can't possibly stick my head out to do the cleaning of windows right. So now, plans changed and I'll start with internal first. Don't wanna wait till the weather's good or next week as procrastination is no good and doesn't get things done.