Saturday, 12 July 2008

Basics of Love

I was following a Hong Kong drama serial. A scene had actually made me realise the basic thing of Love.

Here is how it goes and to cut the story short, I'll start at the episode's argument. The wife was being accused of seeing her ex-husband and get back together. This husband was suspicious and confronted her. The wife had done nothing wrong. She was very furious and scolded the husband for being suspicious and ill-tempered. The husband scolded her for being stubborn and didn't know how to be understanding. The husband's uncle added oil to fire and fanned the flame bigger and caused the argument to get even more heated up. The wife left to stay at her family's place.

Her mother-in-law knew she's not such a woman and went with her son to help stabilise the relationship. The couple argued again when they met up. The mother stepped in and asked each a simple question, look into her eyes and answer truthfully. To the wife, she asked "Do you love him?" To the husband, she asked "Do you love her?" Both answered that they still love each other. The mother then say, if you love each other, why does it have to lead to a divorce. There are so many people in this world, it is very difficult to meet each other and be a couple, having going through so much to get married. Just because of this incident which got misunderstood deeper as the argument goes on, divorce came to their mind. Is it worth it? No one is perfect. Why can't both come to a common standing, endure and patch up? Loving each other is the pillar of strength for a couple to overcome each and every situation in life. Giving each other support, stepping into each other's shoes to see their position and communicate each other's view should be the key to understand each other better.

I was actually very touched by the mother's words and understood that loving each other is the basics to a long-lasting relationship. Such love also refers to kinship. Loving your family members is the same to loving your partner.

Sexual Harrassment

Oh there are quite a few articles in the newspaper over the past week.

Sexual harrassment doesn't seems to be gender specific but rather its about power. Guys in the lower job position are harrassed by their lady bosses but ladies are getting it worse from more directions. Bosses, colleagues and even subordinates. In most cases, the guys who are the perpetrators. Guys are more sexually inclined physically that's why such things happen.

But I believe that its all in the mind. If one has strong moral values and is able to control such thoughts, such things will be fewer. There'll be excuses of girls are wearing less, being flirty and more "open". But if one can differentiate what one can do and what cannot do, these excuses can't be used as a strong case to argue.

I'm not a lady and it'll be difficult to interpret why ladies are the perpetrators. But my take is the lady perpetrators might have misunderstood the signals sent by guys and thought to be an invitation.

Its better to be more careful and don't let others misinterpret wrongly.


My estate is voting for LUP. I hope it'll go through and all will have lifts to the level where we stay.

I've been staying in this estate for the past 17years and I really welcome this programme with wide open arms. My parents are quite old already and it'll be better if this can be completed soon. Slugging big and small bags after grocery purchases and climbing the flight of stairs is a killer. Bulk delivery or removal will be easier and more convenient.

Its really very cheap. Got to pay only $2k plus. Co-sharing with government paying the bulk of it and town council and us sharing the remaining amount equally. Its really worth it. Once its through, its whether to decide on full payment or by instalment. Hmm... i prefer full payment. Coz there'll be an addition of $300 plus to pay for interest over the next 5 years. Its not as if there'll be opportunity cost if I pay in full. My money's sitting in the bank anyway. The interest's not much and I don't think I'll take it out to do investments.

Small price to pay for a big advantage. I pray that this LUP will go ahead.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Baby Nephew

Last Saturday, my aunt brought her grandchild or rather my baby nephew to visit my grandma. He's 7th month but he weighs as heavy as a packet of 10kg rice. A look at him, he's very cute and chubby.
The whole family's attention is on this little precious. He's really a precious. Pampered by my aunt and his mother. Cries if he is put on the bed. Needs to be carried most of the time. Can't sleep without the aircon.
I was wondering what I will be like when I have my own baby. Will I be like my cousin to pamper the baby? It's easy to advise others not to do this, or do that. But when it comes to your own self. It might be a different story. So I'll keep my fingers cross and in future, I'll have to remind myself. Haha... but its no point thinking about this now. It's too far-fetched. I've not even found a gf. Nevertheless, at least I've given it some thought and put it at the back of my head. Will bring it out again when the situation comes.
I should say that my baby nephew really has a loud voice. When we take away the new toy which we tried to grab attention (which apparently we did), he'll scream and face will turn red. Haha... it's really fun to disturb my nephew. We had such a great time disturbing him that after some time he felt tired and cried to sleep. Do I sound like a monster? Haha...

But thinking back, when I was playing with my cousins when they were babies, I've no problem making them laugh but when it comes to my nephew, I'm at wits end. He'll only play with his toys, look around, look for my aunt and not smile. I guess he's shy. Maybe I should interact more with him so he'll feel comfortable with me and maybe I can bring out my charm as I did with my cousins and make him laugh.
It's really a joy to see babies laugh. The feeling is really good.

See, he doesn't smile. What a headache!!

Grrgh.... He knows I'm taking a picture of him and he purposely looked away.

Oh!! I give up!!

I'll try again next time. I don't believe I can't take a nice pic of him. Hehe... gonna try other ways.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Show Marathon

I had wanted to watch the movie "10 promises to my dog" so after a day's studying, I decided to do so and after that I came home to carry on with the "yang warriors".

Hmm... comparing the 2, I still find the "10 promises" better. It was a very touching show and I've realised and learned a lot from it.

It's about a girl whose father is very busy with work and comes home late, while her mother had contracted cancer. The small little puppy just came into the scene (actually it was staged by her mother to look like it is a lost puppy). Her mother told her 10 promises she must keep. I feel the easier the promise, the more difficult it is to keep. I shan't talk much about the show as it is for all to find out.

I would like to share what I've learnt from this show.

Having a pet, especially a dog, is akin to have a new family member. When the dog or pet dies, it is akin to have lost a loved one. When I see the dog passed away due to old age, I suddenly feel as if it is one of the family member of the girl that have died. Sometimes, I feel there's no different between an animal and human. Through interaction with animals, one can be able to understand humans better.

People seems to want and have more happy times but when it comes to times of trouble, the relationship can be easily broken. The girl remember one of the promises is to play with the dog, she answered without thinking that she had fulfilled this promise very often. But it is going through such troubled times that a relationship can grow steady and strong.

Treasure the loved ones around you. Don't wait till it is too late before realising that one has a lot to say, to do and to be with your loved ones. Those you treasure will always be in your heart and memories.

Promises are to be kept, commitment are to be upheld and responsibilities to be undertaken.

Enjoy the show. It is what was learnt that is most valuable not the lament of the death of the dog.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

An example of Determination, Endurance and Forgiving

Read an article on the chinese newspaper and I'm awed by the lady's determination, endurance and forgiving.

Determination and endurance for being able to live 12 years when the doctors say she had only 2 years to live due to 3rd stage breast cancer.

Forgiving for being able to forgive her ex-husband who as a doctor didn't give her a fair diagnosis to go for treatment when she was found to have symptoms of breast cancer. Her ex-husband was such a selfish person that he used his excuse as a doctor to tell her there's nothing wrong with her and that she should trust his judgement. In actual fact, he is indirectly "killing" her to get rid of her so he could be with his mistress, a nurse. He even ask his wife to help him pursue the nurse.

This doctor, having studied so much does not have a sense of respect for her. Its really one good example of people failing morally.

It should be a good example for people to look for partners with open eyes. Take this lady for example, the couple had many happy moments when they were together but in the end, the marriage was a disaster. It made me realise that people are able to have good times together but is unable to journey down the road when there's problems. Having many happy moments together does not ensure a everlasting journey together. A person's character is very important.

Many will say love is blind. But a little tinge of rationality should be able to open one's eye to choose correctly and to take a route to happiness instead of disaster.

Dress Code

Saw an article on the newspapers today about dress code.

Should we wear the appropriate dress code for the occasion? I believe we should. Being appropriately dress shows respect to ourselves, the occasion, and other people. Though it is more comfortable to dress casually and Singapore's weather is hot, there are clothes that will be able to serve both purposes.

Anyway, its better to provide more than less.