Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Role of Man and Woman in a Family

Read an interesting article today on Straits Times titled "Yes, honey it's your turn to look after the kids tonight". The results are really interesting. Taking a half full or half empty concept. It seems that only 1 in 4 working women requires the help of their husbands. That is to say, only 25% requires help, the other 75% can do without the help from their husbands.

Hey, guys, you've got 25% of chances you'll marry a lady who needs you to do housework. Haha... its really wonderful news for guys. Higher chances of pushing the housework to your partners and can have more time for a drink. Will it be better this way?

I'll think not. The society has changed. Looking back, ladies are the ones staying at home and depending on their husbands to bring back the money. They are required then to tend the kids and look after the family.

Moving forward, ladies now are earning their share and advocating "equality status". The society will be or is at this stage now. Looking at the form up of a family. There are two working adults and the standard of living is very high. To maintain a family, it requires the effort of the couple and not rely on one. Looking from another angle, doing housework can also be enjoyable. I believe it is right for husbands to have a fair share of the housework and tend to the children. Having a more or less balanced "work-housework" life will do good for the couple too. Besides doing housework together can help improve the relationship of the couple. It is also good to husbands to set an example for the children and cultivate their sense of responsibility. Being able to see the growth of children is actually a very wonderful process. Don't you think so?

In life, work is not the only thing that one live for. The other part to a person's life is his/her family. Career is only for a period of time but the family will be forever.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Capture a passing thought

Loving your partner should be considered more than loving your parents and siblings.

I believe it is so.

I find it a little incredible if one love his/her partner without first learning to love one's parents and siblings. I doubt the person will be able to love his/her partner well enough. Without being able to give your care and concern to your parents and siblings how can one love his/her partner wholeheartedly.

A simple analogy. If a child is not able to pass primary one, how can he/she go on to primary two. Its the same as loving one's partner. Without first loving one's parents and siblings, how then can one be able to love his/her partner?

Just like there are many different standards in primary schools. There are many different benchmark to this "love" because each individual is different. But moral values and personal feelings are the universal rules to loving those around you.

Its Sunday

Haha... today did some cooking. You must be saying "Again". This time I'm trying out hainanese chicken rice and potato patty.

Potato Patty

Chicken Rice!!!

It took me most of the whole morning to cook these dish. I like the chicken and chilli the most. Its very nice and tasty. Hmm... as for the rice, there's still room for improvement. Chicken taste not that strong. Might have something to do with the gravy. I'll put on my scientist cap and do some experiment next time.

Haha... Giving my own comments might seems "mai hua zhan hua xiang" but its individual thoughts. So how nice smelling the flower is depends on the individual. My aim is to improve my cooking skills and to learn something besides books.

The bottomline to work hard is just to put food on the table. I'm trying to put food on the table now. Haha...

A day of walking

Though I do find shopping a form of relaxation, but yesterday's activity tire me so much that I took a nap when I was on my way home and it is those automatic eye closure one. Haha... maybe its the bus environment that's conducive for napping.

Objective - VCR or VCR/DVD-R combo
Starting point - Pearl Centre
Ending point - Liang Court (Audio House)
Timing - 2hrs

Many will ask "A VCR? Is there anyone still using VCR?" Yes. I'm using one and my aunt too. VCR's actually more reliable than DVD-R. Basically, there's no incompatible player. For DVD-R, after recording, there can be cases of player unable to read. Quite fustrating. Anyway, I've got a lot of tapes too. Maybe a VCR/DVD-R combo can reduce my storage space.

Been looking for the VCR or the combo for quite long but many stores do not sell VCR anymore. Heard that there's a shop selling VCR at Outram so I tried to look for it. Walking from Pearl Centre, to People's Park Complex, to People's Park market, to People's Park Centre and finally to Liang Court. It was quite some walking under the hot sun. Nearly melted.

I should say, these 4 shopping centres are quite wonderful. I discovered that if People's Park market sells a lot of ladies fashion and they are quite nice. The price is quite reasonable too. Ladies, if you wanna shop for clothes, you might want to consider People's Park market. Though it is not airconditioned but there are quite a some nice and fashionable clothes.

When I was at audio house, I found that the staff there are quite unprofessional. Maybe with a low price for sale, they couldn't get better staff and training for them. There's this sales person who told one of the shopper to "come to the back" which I see he meant please move back" to feel the difference in the colour and effect of the different brand. I wanted to laugh when he said this. Oops... me bad. I shouldn't talk bad about people but i just can't help mentioning it. Haha...

It was quite a fruitful walking for me.

Calcium in bones

Comparing a man in his late 60s and a woman in her early 60s, who will be complaining of difficulty of walking? My thought is that the man will be the one complaining the most.

But the truth is, the woman is the one complaining more. Why? The reason is very simple. Woman is more susceptible to calcium lose in bones. And as one advance in age, the bones have difficulty in absorbing and storing calcium.

Now when I see my mum walking so and complaining of aching in the knees, its really sad to see my mum like this. When I saw this "EBENE", a knee guard, I decided to buy it for her. I was at Guardian looking out for this and when I found it, the sales girl recommended a cream to which is easier to absorb into the bones. I bought it even though it is more expensive than the knee guard.

But prevention is better than cure. A few decades ago, there's no advice on having milk young. Nowadays, there are many ads on calcium retaining milk. So LADIES START DRINKING MORE MILK WHEN ONE IS STILL YOUNG.

AIDS test before Marriage

It's been quite sometime since my last post and I've accumulated quite a few thoughts. Its time to "upload" the thoughts.

This topic seems quite interesting. Do we do a test or not?

This test, on one hand is to check one's health status and on the other hand, is to put your partner at ease about this issue. When one has a clear conscience why do one not do it. Putting your partner at is should be your utmost concern before marriage. This will display your confidence towards the "abstain from sex" issue but what is more important is honesty and sincerity towards your partner.

To me, it is not about the issue of trust. During the discussion of this issue, some will ask this question of "You don't trust me?" will pop out immediately. To put the reason of trust will show that one has something to hide. This will demonstrate a sign of defence.

This being a sensitive topic. Defence will lead to more questions. Any miscommunication will lead to different perception and misunderstanding will lead to argument.

Its the same for every issue. When there is a defence, misunderstanding will follow as it will show that one has something to hide. Suspicions will set in and many perceptions will form and might lead to arguments.