Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Cute and The Ugly

Last night after a long day's work, two things caught my eye. One's the cute, the others the ugly. Most will like to talk about the cute ones first. But I prefer to save the best to the last.

The Ugly

Some people are just so inconsiderate. Why do they have to do it at the expense of others? They just think of themselves and their own comfort and didn't think of what will happen later.

From the photo, you'll know that its on the double decker bus. I took it on the sly. Haha... otherwise I think I'll be on the newspapers with the headlines "Beaten for taking photo". Coming back to the issue. For his comfort, this guy put his sandals on the seat opposite him. I pity the person who's gonna sit on the seat. His/her clothes will be dirtied. He should be more considerate. Other people will have a bad impression of him. Does comfort rank higher than impression, etc?

The Cute

Hmm.... I'm savouring the moment, smiling as I write this. On my walk home, I saw this cute little cat. The place seems to be its territory and it positioned itself cutely.

Cute right. Sitting nicely at the centre of the staircase. As I walked towards it, it didn't even move. Haha... this is its territory. But it didn't stay on the position for long. It slowly walked to the grass patch nearby. Hmm... so cute.

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