Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Financial Advisers!!!!

I guess I can't be soft on those financial advisers who always try to push their products to customers. Saying as we age the premium will be higher and try to advise me get the product before I turn 30 so that I do not need to pay a higher premium.

I had previously turned her down to purchase the policy as I'm cash strapped. Its really frustrating to hear her say the same thing again on the phone to ask to meet me up to explain the policy further. I was like if I agree, I'll have to waste another couple of hours and if I'm soft hearted, I'll have to squeeze from my savings to pay for the premium.

Other advisers are about the same. As I told them I had allocated all my income accordingly and I do not have extra cash to purchase the policies they recommend, they'll look at my allocation and advise me to cut this, cut that, take out my savings to purchase, recommend only products suitable for the individual needs, etc.... But I can only say I will look at the products when I've got extra cash but at the moment I'm cash strapped once again. Now I dread to see my financial advisers. As such a session can last at least 2hours. What a waste of time!!!

But I do learn something from this. Financial advisers are really a pain in my ass. Though some of my friends say that I realise it a little too late but for me is, it is better to learn it late than never learn at all.

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