Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chastity Belt Ring

I read an article on the newspaper that mentioned the Taiwanese star Van Ness Wu has designed a new jewellery line called 3V07 (invert it to be LOVE) and one of its product is the ring designed to be worn on 2 fingers is called the Chastity Belt. This ring signifies that he had made a decision to remain celibate.

This ring has made to think of chastity belt. It is a locking device designed to prevent sexual intercourse and possibly masturbation. Besides this, it may also protect the wearer from rape or temptation. This devise can be used for both males and females. In the past, such chastity belts are the physical items worn on the genital to prevent or stop sexual intercourse. Now it has become an item that reminds one to celibate. The difference here is one is a physical and the other is mental.

The purpose of the ring targets a person's mental rather than the physical control. It seem that as we progress, more and more are created to control mentally instead. I believe we now recognise that the root cause of things actually come from the brain. I have a question.

Which is more effective? The physical control or the mental one. A mental one depends on the person him/herself. Having weak control and this method will be deemed a failure. The physical control does not have this problem. Be it strong or weak, the purpose will still be achieved unless physical force is used to pry off the belt. Its not that I find the ring useless but it is just that the control of mind is really very subjective and can be "mainpulated" by the heart, conscience, religion, teachings, etc to either abstain from or succumb to temptation. A very strong-will is a prerequisite to take up this mental route.

I believe when Van Ness has chosen this, he will have prepared himself to try not to succumb to temptation. He is taking a first step towards his goal. Though it'll be tough but I do hope he'll be able to do it. He should be a role model to be followed. His act is a reminder and strenghten my resolve not to succumb to temptation.

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