Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Concealment Act

I have seen this concealment act two times over the past week. This happens when I was walking home from the bus stop I alighted. Both times this act happens after 8pm. This is a deliberate act to conceal from the blue uniform.
I believe many will have some idea that what I'm going to mention is related to the police. They are the ones in blue uniform that many will have to hid or conceal from for doing something illegal. People nowadays are very smart and try to think of different ways to carry out illegal activities.
I was walking one of the lorong. As the street lamps are on the other side of the road, I was not able to see clearly what this person is doing but I could see that he is squatting on the pavement next to the metal drain cover. I continued to walk along the pavement and towards this person. As I got nearly, I saw him hooking up the cover. I thought to myself that there is no road works sign why would this person open up the cover. The next thing I saw a big plastic packet was taken out from the drain.
The bag was not tied up so as I passed by the person, out of curiosity, I took a peek to find out what is in the bag. Guess what!!! It contained different brands of cigarette packets and there are lots of them. Oh... the answer is finally out. This person is getting his stock of illegal cigarette packets out for sale. I must say, criminals nowadays are really very creative and smart. They can even think of such a place to hid their stock. Even if the police come round to these stock will not be found as who will have thought that the cigarettes are hidden in the drain which belongs to the government. The phrase "the most dangerous place is actually the safest place" is definitely true.
With such a concealment act, catching these illegal peddlers will be harder and more people will be smoking cigarettes that are more dangerous to health and many others will be more prone to dangerous second hand smoke. Money is the root cause. It is a vicious cycle.

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