Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Such an Embarrassment

When I was reading the newspaper on an article about the sms on giving free outgoing calls if I sent 10 smses out, I felt the urge to dig a hole in the floor and bury my head into it. What an embarrassment!!

Yesterday, when I received this sms from a friend, my thought was as I had so many smses and couldn't find using it every month, why not just send it. I got nothing to lose. But today, after reading the newspaper article, I realised I had everything to lose. The thoughts of what will my friends think of me, why am I so gullible, why didn't I think first before sending, I've actually wasted my time studying to obtain a degree. A moment of greed might have overcome me at that time. Such a stupide thought to think of bidding for a large sum with a small amount. A gambler's mentality and mindset.

Well, this will be lesson for me. To remind myself not to have this mentality and learn to be down-to-earth.

Because of this incident, I remembered another incident that also caused me much embarrassment many years ago when I was still a secondary school student. I heard the bell ring and I answered the door. I opened the door and saw a lady carrying snacks and asked me to buy some from her. I thought it was quite cheap and decided to get a few packs. When my mum got home, I showed her what I had purchased, she scolded me for being gullible. These can be bought at half the price in the market stalls. That time, I was so embarrassed with the mistake I made and I really had this urge to bury my head into a hole.

Writing a post here as a reminder the mistake I've made and the lesson to learn from this incident.

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