Monday, 19 May 2008

A touch with nature

Weather's good but very hot. A trip to Pulau Ubin to cycle has left me a little reddish and a body full of aches today. Serves me right for not exercising regularly. I really need to squeeze in a little time to do some exercise or I grow sideways as there's no upwards growth for me already.

The island was crowded yesterday, filled with people there to pray, hike, sight see, cycling, fishing and many more activities. If I remember correctly, its my 2nd visit there in 2 years. Haha.. what's there to mention.

The normal track is full of upslopes and downslopes. Upslopes are a tedious ride up but when one reaches the top, going downslopes are a breeze. But along the way, there'll be nice scenery for one to enjoy either up or downslope. The same with life. There are ups and downs in life. One has to overcome the upslopes to feel the joy of going downslope. Along the way, one will be able to enjoy and experience the process of ups and downs.

A little pity here. My new digital cam is with my brother who is in Uganda doing his uni elective. Experiencing the life in a 3rd world country. Grr.... Can't take pics. Have to get it from my friend. But I look forward to see the pics from Uganda. Its not many times that one will go to Uganda as compared to Ubin. Seems to be drifting away.

Coming back to local scene. We've cycled almost all the tracks except the new track that was opened on Saturday and the dirt tracks. We'll accomplish that on the next visit.

Haha... something to do in the couple of months to come. As I pass by the park connectors, I got this idea to cycle these connectors. Should be a good experience with nature.

After a hot day, I felt like drinking something cool and I remember the time when my brother will be blending fruits to make fruit juices during this hot period. Oh... I miss my bro. Hope he's enjoying himself there. Waiting for him to come back and see the nature from Uganda.

A touch with nature another time.

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