Thursday, 22 May 2008

Poor Health

I guess I must have over-exerted myself during the cycling trip and ate something wrong. Haha... I've been sick for the past 4 days. Headache, fever, bloating in the stomach and diarrhae.

I'm a person who can be said to be very health and will not fall sick easily but once I fall sick it'll be either very serious or will take long time to recover. This bout of sickness it seems to be the latter. Its not very serious and I'm able to go to work but I feel uncomfortable and sick.

A throbbing headache and I find myself sleep half the day away to try reducing the headache but it doesn't seems to help as the ache just wouldn't go away. Took medicine and it seems to subside during the night.

I thought I was feeling better as I find that the headache has subsided but in office I find that I'm shivering, feeling the cold when the aircon's switched on. Haha... I'm the only one in office so I get to control the aircon. Otherwise I don't think I can take it. So I endured until its time to knock off and went home. After a meal, I droped into bed to cover myself with blanket. I know this is traditional method and I'm used to do that when I had fever. Western style will be putting ice packs on forehead and have cold bathe. But I don't think the western method suits me.

The whole day is spent sleeping with occasional attention to the internet. Haha... got scolded by mum saying it strains the eye and headache will not go. It's been a long time since I get to sleep so much. But my stomach still feels bloated. Don't know why. Then in the evening came the diarrhae and vomitting but only once. Seems a slow motion sickness. Why can't all the illness happen at one go? Felt better after the stay in the toilet.

Went to work as usual as I thought I'm feeling better but I got the "feeling" and rushed to the toilet and visited it for 7 to 8 times before I call it quit, settle whatever I can in office and made a trip back to the clinic. Its gastric flu. Haha... I got to know that its a belated action coz we have a long intestine and it takes a couple of days before the symptoms happen.

Been taking porridge for the past 3 days. Haha... Its a good time to slim down. Should take out the weighing machine to see how much I've slimmed down. Hope I can recover by Friday. But I guess I can't indulge myself with food during this weekend otherwise the "slimming exercise" will not be effective. Haha...

I learnt somthing here. Should try to do indoor exercise during this hot period and watch what I eat.

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