Sunday, 29 June 2008

Using New Technology and latest photo taking

I'll be using my handphone to take pics more often now. Haha...

There's this latest technology gadget that my bro bought in Hong Kong and its called Bluetooth. As I do not have a built-in bluetooth device in my desktop or laptop, this gadget is very useful to me. Haha... a little late right. I'm always a step slower but the thing is I've at least sat on the tech boat and updated myself a little. Better than not up to date right.

Previously, I've got to switch off my HP, take out my mini SD and download onto my computer. Now, I just need to plug in the bluetooth device into my computer and I'll be able to download without much hassle. Its just like a thumbdrive.

Happy to add it to my technology inventory. I'll use it very often now.

And I used it to take a couple of cute photos. Hehe... Just snap and download. As easy as 1,2,3. Haha...

I'll take up a nice pose for you to take my picture.
Does the cat look familiar. Haha.... I've snapped this cat before. Its during the night when I was walking home from work.

Oh the sun's too hot. I need a nap. Don't disturb. I've found a cooling place under the hot sun to enjoy a nap.

There'll be more pictures coming up. I just love tech gadgets.

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