Sunday, 29 June 2008

Back date to 21 June 08

Haha... need to back date a post. I think I'm plain lazy to write last sunday.

My uncle brought my grandmother and our family to the restaurant that we frequented. Had dinner at this restaurant in Clarke Quay. The event was to celebrate my brother's belated birthday and also to bring my grandmother out after a few days' stay in the hospital.

The name's called Metropole Herbal Restaurant. We usually have quite unique dishes that were the products of one of the manager there. I believe I'm advertising here but nice food is for all to share.

I must say I don't like the smell of lamb meat but I've taken a liking for this lamp chop that the restaurant serves. There's no "lamb smell". I couldn't help it but take a picture of it. Pardon my photo taking skill.
From the looks, it is already very appetising. The meat's tender. Do you see the small white dots. They are actually light green dots not white. Its peppermint cream. Mix with the meat, it gives off a peppermint smell and combine with the meat, there's a cooling taste. Its very tasty and delicious.

We had a wonderful dinner. Look forward to go there again.

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