Sunday, 19 October 2008

Hectic Sunday

It was a really hectic sunday for me today.

Its work after breakfast. Mop floor and wash toilet. Got ready to leave for Tampines Ikea to purchase gift vouchers for my friend who's an ex-colleague too. From Tampines station, I took a feeder bus to Ikea and once I got it, I've to return to Tampines Interchange to take 969 to Woodlands interchange. Its the longest expressway I've traveled. Its distance is almost 20mins on the expressway. I was lucky that upon reaching Woodlands interchange, 962 which is the bus I'm suppose to take arrived. There's no waiting time for me. Waiting is the most dreaded thing I hate. That's why I do not like to travel by bus. It seems taking forever to arrive. This whole bus trip (3 buses to take) took me an hour and a half. With MRT, I'll have travelled from one end of Singapore to the other end.

As I reached my friend's condo, I was actually impressed by the interior design and its accessories.

The bulbs seems to be on fire. Its actually the bulb's design.

Ceiling lamp that blend in with the surrounding

High table and chairs (a new way to have dinner with legs not touching the floor) Pub concept

Dangling crystals make the disco effect (when lights are switched on)

Bedroom wall lights - very exquisite

The feel is very nice but me being a practical person feels that its difficult to maintain. Well, everything has its pros and cons. It depends on what the person wants. To each of his own. For my home, I'll like to balance the nice and practical issue. Try to balance them and bring out the best on both sides.

After the visit, I rushed back to my grandma's place for dinner. What a day I had on a sunday.


winnie_tan said...

where does your friend live? Taking Bus 969 and 962 sounds like someone living in Woodlands/Sembawang area... The deco is nice but difficult to maintain and upkeep... cleaning up would take ages...too impractical.

A Place to Chow said...

My fren stays in La Casa which is somewhere near Woodlands.

Yupz... I do agree that it'll be difficult to maintain and upkeep and will take too long to clean.