Sunday, 19 October 2008

Most expensive Birthday dinner

It was rather rush day I had on Friday. Got to take two buses to attend my 6th uncle's birthday dinner. Whew!! Lucky I was not late. Otherwise I'll have missed a lot of good and expensive food.

Most expensive dish (lao shu ban)

The most expensive of the whole meal is the fish. The price tag is $350. When I heard it, my jaw dropped and had to fix it before I could carry on eating. I was like wow!!! so expensive. When I started eating, I finally realise that its really very nice. There's lotsa meat. Meat's smooth and its juicy. The chef cooked it well and we ordered rice to go with. I think I can actually eat a bowl of rice just with its gravy alone.

Shou tao
4 ingredients soup (scallop, fish maw, small abalone and veg)

Champagne chocolate dessert

Some of the other dishes were also exquisite too. Beneath the big "shou tao" are the mini "shou taos" where we eat. The big "shou tao" is not edible and can be reused. Haha... we actually thought it has to be cut open. Cantonese cannot do without soup so we ordered a soup that has 4 ingredients. That's what the name is. The soup is nice. The final dish is the dessert that so exquisite I must mention. There is champagne within this round ball. It has 3 layers. The inner most layer is chocolate, the middle layer is the texture like "muah ji" and the outer most layer is the coating of sesame seeds. When I put it into my mouth and the champagne "squash" out, I was like Oh... my nose. Haha... champagne has alcoholic content that's why.

Before this meal, I remember having the most expensive dinner too. Now it is overtaken. I remember that quite a few years back, my aunt was celebrating her birthday too and she ordered a birdnest dessert for everyone. We thought it was not very expensive but when the bill came, we realised that we had the a meal oabout 700+. Our jaws dropped and it was coz the birdnest cost 30 bucks per bowl and it takes up half the cost. Up till now, I've had 2 most memorable dinner. Haha... human being are greedy. I hope there's more to come.

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