Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fearing Safety of Teens

I read a news paper article on Monday and was quite shocked to see that the statistics show that nearly 2 in 5 teens have been sexually propositioned online. Though the statistic population survey is quite small but seeing such figures make me worry about the younger generation.

The teens are really at great risk. But there's a saying that "if the cow does not want to drink, you'll never be able to push its head down". I believe teens are attracted to the attentiveness, protectiveness, materialism and sweet talk of the older guys. Being clouded by these and sexually naive, teens seems to be more willing to accede to sex requests.

In the era of online proliferation, many teens use various social websites and online gaming sites. These places seems particularly easy for predators to "take their pick". Even if it is easy to hook up a teenage girl, guys shouldn't take advantage of this and satisfy their desires. Such acts will greatly affect girls' mentally, physically and emotionally. Even if some teens are open and willing, one shouldn't take as an excuse to commit something that violate morality issues.

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