Friday, 26 December 2008

Why so Serious?

Read a dating newsletter recently and mentioned telling guys not to be too serious when talking and dating ladies. It also mentioned that a "dating guru" is able to attract a girl to be his girlfriend within 7 days and he has not flipped a single page of any dating book in his life. He is successful by going through life and not taking himself too seriously. This has actually helped him charm his way to success with gals.

Well, anything can happen and there will always be someone better. I guess this is a advertising gimmick. It'll attract many guys to try to seek advice from this "self-learnt dating guru" and his concept of "Why so serious?".

Hmm... I guess this refers to being and having fun during the 1st few dates instead of being too serious. This will create a relax environment for both to enjoy the time together. But I believe once the relationship starts to settle in, it will become a serious affair. There's only two ways to search - to cast a net to catch many or to use a fishing rod to identify one. I prefer using the fishing rod with specific fish bait. If one knows what wants, there'll no need to go for so many dates and will be able to narrow down the search to the more specifics.

Understanding a person takes more than a few dates. Various forms of communication and asking issues that one places high importance can be used to understand a person better. The individual him/herself is the key because if one does not have a good character, no matter how many dates he/she goes, it'll still not bear fruit. Even if it bear fruit, it might not be a long lasting one.

This is something I've realised over the years from seeing the things that happen to people around me.

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