Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ladies' Fashion

I chance upon an opinion from a lady saying "It doesn't matter what you do or what you wear, nobody deserves to be raped".
It started me thinking of the current fashion trend of ladies. I truly agree with this lady's opinion. Come to think of it, I remember when I was young, I always ask why must ladies wear so little clothes. Shouldn't they cover more to protect themselves from oogling (mild) to rape (extreme) by men. I feel back then, I was truly narrow-minded and very conservative then. Why do I say so?
From all the TV drama, I was somehow "imbued" with the concept of "nan nu shou shou bu qing" i.e. its inappropriate for guys to touch girls. The girls will all be covered up leaving only the face for people to see. And not to invite any lustful thoughts and acts, ladies should be covering themselves up. I know that guys are in the wrong to rape.
As I grow up, I start have a deeper perspective. Guys are in the wrong but this wrong has nothing to do with girls wearing more or less clothes. These lustful thoughts and acts are all in the mind. The mind controls the acts. If one do not have such thoughts, there will not be such acts. I must reinforce that the root of the problem is not with what ladies wear or act.
If one respects fashion and ladies, its very obvious to see why ladies wear them. Its for their confidence, beauty and own admiration and choice. There are certainly more reasons than what I've listed. A lady's beauty is for all to admire. Wearing these fashionable clothings are to bring out and reinforce their beauty. Not to seek and certainly not to invite destruction.

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