Sunday, 25 May 2008

Pets and Plants

I can't say I understand chilli but I love to eat chilli to the extend of growing chilli plants. These plants started before my brother left for Uganda and now it has grown tall with flowers blossoming. I hope to see flowers budding into chilli.
Growing chilli plant is much easier than keeping hamsters. Yes, definitely. I had 3 hamsters in the past but now all have passed on. 2 live till the age of 2 years which is quite long life for hamsters. The other one lived till 1 year plus. Hamsters need to be fed, played with and cleaned frequently. There are sorrows and joys. Sorrows are when I need to clean their home. Joys are when I feed them and play with them. I must say they are cute little animals. I learnt a lot from them. I missed them. But I don't think I'll keep anymore hamsters.
And I turn my attention to growing chilli plants. Watering day and night, an occasional drops of fertilizer and a trimming only when needed but otherwise not so much attention required. I hope to be able to eat the chilli that I grow. Looking forward to CHILLI!!!!!
Weather's hot and I still eat chilli. Can't be help. I seems to be addicted to chilli. Haha...

Small Chilli Plants

Look carefully. The white spots are the flowers.

Another angle of the plant.

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