Saturday, 10 January 2009

2 News Articles

Read the Thursday newspaper and found 2 news articles that one of it find it amusing and the other its really a sad issue.

Cabby Fined for Wearing Jeans
This happens in Malaysia. Taxi drivers are required to wear white shirt and black long pants to work. This is their standard dress code and if they were caught not wearing this uniform, they will be fined.

Well, not sure what taxi he's driving. Maybe he's driving one of those "atas" taxi. In Singapore, only a few types of taxis like the limousine taxi, mercedes taxi, etc will require wearing long sleeve and pants.

If this cabby is driving one of those normal taxi and wore a black jeans to work, I guess he is really unlucky. There are so many taxis in Malaysia and who would know whether the cabby is wearing a black long pants or not when he's sitting in the taxi. Even if he's not in the taxi, its quite difficult to spot the difference as he wearing long jeans. If he's driving one of the normal taxi, presentable clothings should be sufficient. I can't imagine what will happen if every taxi driver is required to wear this standard dress code in Singapore. One thing is certain if this happens is that many departmental stores will have their cash registers ringing none stop.

Hospital Lose Dead Babies
This article mentioned hospital in 2 countries. One is in US, New Jersey, the other is in Hong Kong.

In New Jersey, what happens is that a baby died after birth and it is placed in the mortuary but when funeral workers went over to collect the baby for cremation, they were unable to find it. The reason for this is still unknown.

In Hong Kong, the baby was a stillborn, sent to the mortuary and was placed next to another dead body who is supposed to be cremated later. The baby's body could not be found 3 weeks after his death.

It is a misfortune for both parents and their family to have lost their babies and it will further traumatised the family members when the body could not be found. It is sad to see such things happen. The system in these 2 countries should be of a standard to prevent such things from happening. I suppose there will still be human errors and no matter how strong the system is. I can't imagine what happens to those in the developing or 3rd world countries. We just have to learn from mistakes and try to further reduce such occurrence.

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