Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Business Transaction

Today, I received a very interesting and amusing email that I can't help but laugh. The subject of the email is exactly the same as the title of this post - "Business Transaction". This email I received from a social networking website.

This is the replicate of the email - "MY NAME IS Mariam Qayyum,FEMALE 25YRS I work with Fidelity Bank Plc of Nigeria,foreign remittance departmenti need your assistance to stand as a beneficiary(Next of Kin) to the sum of $17.8millions united state dollars lying down unclaimed in our bank...CAN I TRUST YOU ON THIS TRANSACTION.COME ON CHAT SO WE CHAT MORE BETTER ON IT...I WANT US TO SHARE GOOD MONEY TOGETHER IN FURTUREI AM VERY HONEST LADY AND I LIKE THE PARTNER WHO IS REALLY CLEAN ON HEART! I AM REALLY CARING PERSON. I AM REALL WAITNIG FOR MY PARTNERl saw your profile so nice of looking for someone honest and caring,I must say that I want to know more about you and who you really are. I have always sayed that it is what is on the inside that is most important and these words that you hav written are very very wonderful. Take care and hope to hear from you.WAITING FOR YOUR REPLYMARIAM"

As I took a first look at the email, I was like "Huh... what's this!?!? Why does this person have to find a next of kin to the sum of $17.8m USD?" It really is a business transaction but it sound more like an indecent transaction. Really makes me wonder her real intentions. If she or whoever this person is, wants to claim the sum of money, why look for an outsider. Looking for a person within her family or any relatives would be more appropriate as she would be able to get a bigger share.

This is the first time I got such a proposal. Well, me being a very "kiasi, kiasu" person, wouldn't want to risk any losses. I don't think I'll contact her or this person to find out more coz curiosity kills the cat. Don't want to be like the cat being killed. Hehe...

Anyway, I don't think there's such a wonderful thing in this world to get a partner and at the same time be filthy rich. It goes against any logic I should say. One just have to down-to-earth. Having a good foundation beat everything else.

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