Sunday, 20 July 2008

Personal Photos

With the advancement of technology and internet, information is very easily stored, distributed and readily available. But because of this, it has also invaded into many people's privacy.

The most shocking and top news will be the sex photos that Mr Edison Chan has stored in his harddisk. It is shocking and top news because it involved many HK actresses and nude photos. Going a little further into the past, there's the sex scene of a poly student and her boyfriend. And the recent news, I was browsing a blog and found that a link "Hong Kong Stewardess Joan Photo", was curious and clicked on it. Out comes personal photos of the stewardess on a blog.

I must admit, I'm curious to find out more and did a check on the web. Many blogs had uploaded these photos and commenting on them. It suddenly struck me that such photos are uploaded onto so many blogs. Yes, blogs are personal thoughts and comments but I was quite stumped and feel such photos and videos should not be loaded onto blogs, websites and other internet applications. Commenting will be enough to for a blogger to bring his/her views across readers. There's no need to upload them onto the blogs too. It is proliferating, distributing and making such things more readily available to the world.

I wouldn't want to have my private photos being seen by people. Standing from her point of view, we should feel sorry for the victim and feel the stress, pain of the victim and not proliferate, distribute the personal photos further. Yes, the lady shouldn't have taken such photos but even if she had taken, we should show support to her by not distributing them.

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Anonymous said...

The reason why these photos are so popular is because there are many perverted people out there who enjoys seeing people naked and doing the act. You can talk about privacy and what not, but at the end of the day, people, being who they are, like some juiciness to spice up their lives. That's a sad fact, but this is just what the world has become. Doesn't mean we have to do the same, but then again, we also can't change the way others behave or think.