Saturday, 26 July 2008

Some thoughts

A friend once say to that he's very surprised that I keep a blog. Yes, I'm sort of a more "private" person who doesn't really express myself.

Doing things isn't for others to see but more of having a clear conscience. I do not need to say it out to people which causes people to have this impression.

Here, I'm writing my blog to record what my thoughts are. Its up to the rest of the world whether they'll want to read.

Difference between liking and loving
I believe when a someone likes a person, he/she will be able to list down the things that he/she likes about this person. But when someone loves a person, there is no reason/explanation and it will be difficult to list down the qualities/character that he/she likes or dislikes. The question of "What do you like about me?" is really redundant in a relationship.

Why this question? Its a thought that suddenly comes to my mind and would like to record it down.


Khian Yong said...

I agree with Mr Chow... When you are in love with something or someone. There is no particular reason. Its just a feeling of completeness, a feeling of loving it as a whole. For those who insist there must a reason, let me ask you: "If this reason changes one day, does your love change too? If yes, I guess you have to question yourself on the quality of your love then?"

Anonymous said...

I used to think that there is no reason to love someone, you either love or you don't. But from painful experiences, it seems that even though there is no explanation when the feelings happened, there are many factors which determine whether the love can sustain.

What if you fall for someone only to find out he / she is unavailable?

What if you fall for someone only to realise he / she is someone undesirable?

What if you fall for someone only to find out how "ugly" the person is?

In this case, will love triumph over everything? Or do you have to be rational and start thinking whether it is worth loving, whether you want to continue holding on? Or worse, what if it is just one-sided and not mutual?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what one can really accept and tolerate. If one is willing to live life loving the person without any returns, good for him. But for those who want to have their own families, who want to be with someone responsible, chances are they just have to let go and move on.

A Place to Chow said...

There will always be loop holes (what if) in a relationship. One has to try to find out with a tinge of rationality where the relationship is going. With that in mind, the selection of partner can go a long way.

Weighing the pros and cons to a "what-if" can help in a decision-making. The bottomline is whether you will be happy.