Sunday, 20 July 2008

Durian Season

"Mao Shan Wang"


The durian season is here.

There are durian sellers who sell durians at prices in the upper range and there are sellers who sell it at 10 cents!!! Its such a great difference. The "Mao Shan Wang" I had cost $15 per kg. Our family feasted on 5 "MSW" and 3 D24 at $130. Though its a hefty price to pay but its worth it. The seeds are small, the flesh is fragrant and yummy. Hmmm... its the quality that counts. I don't want to buy 50 durians, eat them and after that contract a phobia of durians from eating too much. Haha...
The quality of durian depends on the weather. If the weather is hot and seldom rain, the flesh will not be soft and watery.
A check on the internet shows over 20 types of durians. Haha... and I must say I've only tried not more than 10 types. It will be good to have a go at all the types of durian. It should be a wonderful experience having to try all.
The stalls in Geylang are so packed with people buying durians home or having it fresh on the spot. The road which has 4 lanes has virtually become 2 to 3 lanes. These drivers are so inconsiderate. Parking along the road, enjoy their durian feast and leaving the other drivers feeling fustrated and in danger of accident. I think the government's initiative to build a KPE to reduce the traffic congestion might not have considered this small stretch but it really caused a congestion along the road.

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