Saturday, 11 October 2008

Another Article by Dr Pat Love

I guess she's a famous relationship counsellor otherwise not only the new paper (written in my previous blog article) but I saw Lianhe Wanbao interviewed her too.

This mandarin article is much more in-depth. I feel it would be good to share it here. This article wrote that through her many years of counselling, she has come up with two words to give to ladies and guys.

To Ladies, its STAR.
Sex - Studies show that males will be able to produce Oxytocin (will feel more in love) during sex.

Touch - Males feel the closeness to the person through touch

Appreciation - Females should appreciate what males have done as males will always want to make bring happiness to females. The more appreciative the ladies have towards their male counterparts, the more the guys will do to make the ladies happy.

Respect - Respect the daily routine and habits of males.

To Males, its ROCK.
Routine - Males should make it a routine or rather a habit to show their affections through little acts.

Open up your heart - As the phrase is "Open up your heart", means males should express what and how they feel not only through words but also through little gestures, acts, etc.

Contact - Let the ladies know that you miss her through phone call, sms, etc.

Keep it positive - Ladies are very sensitive towards negative expression so guys have got to be more restrictive on such expressions.

After reading this article, I find that her insights are good knowledge so I decide to drop by the library to take a look at the books she has written. Should be interesting and hope to learn something too.

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Anonymous said...

Should have gone for her seminar. A very comprehensive and detailed workshop on the difference between men and women and how to understand the appreciate the differences between the two genders.

And it's true. Chemistry and infatuation is only a stage of love. True love only occurs when that stage has passed, because having chemistry and infatuation with someone does not mean both are compatible.