Saturday, 11 October 2008

Interesting News Article

Yesterday being TGIF, I was somehow slacking a little and picked up my colleague's new paper to read and saw this news article about "Latest SDU Speaker - You can call her Dr Love".

Couldn't believe that there's a person by the last name "Love". But anyway, her name's not the interesting news.

Excerpt from the article. What is Love?
"Love is not chemistry, not infatuation, not attraction, not sexual desire. Love is the wish to make someone happy. It's altruism, it's generosity." What she has mentioned in the article made me review my understanding of what love is. I had always thought that to love a person one must have chemistry and attraction (emotional, mental, physical and soul). If what she mentioned is true, then what I'm trying to look for is not correct anymore.

Well, I pulled my brakes and stopped to think for awhile. My conclusion is that chemistry and attraction are the ignition to the relationship. The wish to make this person happy comes in as he/she will be the "precious" of your life and to make this person happy, one has to provide selfless concern for the welfare of this person. Suddenly it struck my mind that such love is also related to the parental love, siblings love and children's love for their parents. Parents give all to their children and siblings care for each other.

From I Corinthians 12-13 - "And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love". Love (any type) is most wonderful on earth.


winnie_tan said...

Love is not everything, but it is what makes Life complete.

A Place to Chow said...

Nod... nod... I agree... without Love, its a missing piece to the whole puzzle. With this piece, a person's life will be complete.