Monday, 6 October 2008

Memories (Little Brother)

As I look at my little nephew and his short soft hair, I remembered the times when I was playing with my cute little brother.

There was one day at my grandmother's house, I had come back from school and was playing. I saw my cute little brother and suddenly I thought of the monk's 9 dots on his head. I looked at my little brother's hair and took a pair of scissors. Guess what I was about to do.

I started to cut the hair on my little brother to simulate the 9 dots on the monk's head. I guess I must have watched too much tv. I was cutting the dots and my brother was sitting on the wheeler. He didn't move as I was cutting his hair but all of a sudden, he just walked off in his wheeler and went to my mum's side. I must have made him uncomfortable and when my mum saw what I had done to my brother's hair, my name was called.

Haha... I was like "Oh no!!!" Next thing I knew, my head got slapped and my ear was burning and red. I got a scolding from my mum.

Thinking back, I'll still laugh at this scene and how stupid I was.

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