Sunday, 23 November 2008

Interesting Article - Love: A Market Analysis

I found this interesting article when I was looking through the pile of newspaper over the past week. An analysis of the type of guys that ladies in their 30s can select from. Hmm... why didn't the author do an analysis for the type of ladies whom guys can select too. Haha... some journalist might write it.

Its quite interesting to know that the author has classified ladies into segments of: 1) ladies who are content to be single, 2) ladies who have given up due to past experience (single-but-given-up group), 3) ladies who do nothing and hope some guy will make the move first (single-but-secretly-hoping group), 4) ladies who are seek partners and approach dating they do their job.

There are 5 categories of men that ladies in their 30s can search their partner in.
1) Fathers of young kids
2) Younger men seeking financial security
3) Older divorcees seeking fresh lease of life
4) Married men
5) Single men

If I'm a lady, I'll rather narrow down my selection to the group of 1, 3 & 5. I'm actually curious to find out why ladies would select from groups 2 & 4. This group is a much higher risk group of guys and chances of being hurt can be very high. So if the relationship doesn't end well, these ladies might fall into the group 2 category (single-but-given-up category) after repeated failure.

My take is that younger guys, yes they can be very fun to be with but thinking of the long term, if the guy just only wanted to have fun and financial security, ladies will be the one to lose out in the long run. A couple coming together is not only about fun but more of going through the trials in life together. Succeeding in these trials hand-in-hand together can be more enriching and fulfilling than having fun. But I can say that if ladies are able to find younger men who are fun and willing to go through the trials together would be a great blessing. But how many such guys are there? I guess everyone knows the answer.

Married men a good choice for a partner? Wow... it seems like the lady is not ready to commit. I believe there are lots of single guys but just that many single guys are not very appealing (maybe not fun to be with, not good enough, etc). Read on a chinese newspaper recently that one guy who was a director in a company drove dangerously to stop another vehicle driven by "love rival". He came out begging, hitting the car, etc in hope to win back the lady's heart. These 2 guys are actually married men with family and children. More parties got hurt in the end. I believe this lady is quite pretty and fun to be with, that's why both guys would rather give up their families to seek the feeling of having "fun". But is it truly fun? The meaning of fun refers to a source of enjoyment, or pleasure. To the lady, it might be fun but to the guys, its definitely not fun as consequences have already surfaced.

To conclude, I'll rather hope ladies will market themselves to towards groups 1, 3 & 5. Because I believe ladies can seek companionship from these groups and find someone who'll be able to love them truly and sincerely.

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