Friday, 28 November 2008

Schedule date

I just need a place to rant and here I am.

Finding a date comfortable for everyone is really tough. After setting a date, if one of the major person can't make it, have to reschedule a date again.

It will be really difficult for coordinators as they are unable to know when the stakeholders are available or not unless the coordinators are told the dates that are available and to schedule a date from there. The stakeholders should play their part by informing and confirming the dates beforehand to avoid repetitive work for coordinators.

But it seems many people are just not thinking from the coordinators' point of view and will only inform the coordinator that they are unable to make it after the date has been set.

Well, I guess there isn't a choice but to work around this problem by doing repetitive work, confirming the date again and informing respective parties of the change. Who ask that the person unable to make it is a major stakeholder.

Haha... Its very interesting to note that after ranting it out, one can feel more at ease.

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