Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Big feast

Merry Christmas!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone. This is the 1st blog recording christmas. Christmas is one of my favourite public holiday. Gotta decorate christmas tree, buy presents and have christmas dinner.

My Christmas tree (hehe... a short one only 4ft but took 2 hrs to do it up)

One of my fav christmas presents - cookies (very delicious) hmm... seems all my christmas presents are food. Must have seen that I've shrunk quite a bit and want me to gain weight. Oh... I've just dropped to my ideal weight. Can't regain back those weights again. But I'm gonna finish this cookies.

Christmas eve dinner with family - cooked spaghetti (learnt from my bro, still not so bad for the 1st time) Side dish done by my bro - squid cooked with sweet sour chilli sauce (brings out the taste) Oh ya... we found a small fish inside the squid. I guess it must have a full dinner before being caught by fisherman.

Hehe.... my grandma's christmas dinner (a little plain and not so sumptuous but she enjoyed it. Quite long since she had big feast)

Delicious christmas dinner (beef steak, pizza and pork strips)

Had a very relaxing day on christmas and had 2 sumptuous dinners. Oh... hope I don't grow fat after these 2 days of eating. And there's new year and CNY next month. Hmm... Gonna start my exercise regime. Otherwise I'll lose target of my ideal weight. Hehe...

Wishing everyone a wonderful and smooth year ahead.

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