Monday, 22 December 2008

Problem Solved

I've no problem at the moment and there's no problem that has not been solved hehe...

The reason for putting up this topic is because I was travelling on the mrt today and I saw this t-shirt design that has two pictures. Ok... I know visualizing from words is a little difficult but please try to. Couldn't take the picture of it though as I might be being questioned by the wearer.

There's two pictures. One indicates a problem, the other indicates that it is solved. The picture indicates the problem shows that a figure of a woman shouting at a man. The other picture shows the man wearing a headphone while the woman keeps on shouting. Haha... seems stereotyping here. Woman is the one nagging and shouting while the man is the one bearing with all this. Putting on a headphone will not solve the problem it will only cause rift between the two as this is running away from the problem rather than facing it.

Yes the pictures are for fun and I should not take it so seriously but these pictures will impart certain things to others who take them as it is and eventually will never learn to resolve the problem.

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