Sunday, 8 June 2008


There are landmines even in the time of peace!!!

Before you look at the picture below, can you figure out what the landmine is?

Haha... its animal shit found in the middle of a footpath junction.

I find it really funny... Animal shit at cross-junction. This place can no longer be a cross-junction coz pedestrian has to skirt round the landmine in order not to have a shoe smell of shit. Eeeee.... so smelly. Haha...

Talking about pedestrians. Have you seen a pedestrian being fined for flouting traffic rules. I saw not one but five pedestrians being asked to take out IC and lectured by the traffic police what offence they have committed and telling them not to do it again. It happened at the bus stop opp. Eunos MRT. That place is actually a landmine too. A couple of steps away is the traffic light but many do not use that and would cross illegally as it is faster. I guess it is human nature to take short cuts and it is the design that forces people to take the short cuts as it doesn't make sense to walk further up and use 3 traffic lights when one can cross illegally to reach the opposite of the road. Nevertheless, after this incident, I think I better stick to the rules and not flout the law otherwise the law will one day catch me. Haha... I am very "kiasi" hor. What to do? I don't wanna claim my insurance so young and I do not want to have a brush with the law.

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