Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A little meal

Actually, I really admire the perseverance of people who make dinner for their family after work. I tried it last week. After I reach home, I sort of feel half dead already (walking from the mrt station back home). Lucky, I borrowed a helping hand i.e. my mum. I asked her to help with washing the veggies and defrost the wantons and crabmeats. Otherwise, I don't think we can have dinner at 7.30.

Why do it then? So tired after work and still come back to cook the meal and still have to ask mum for help. Its worth it. Well, its my dad's birthday. Cooking noodles on birthdays represent long life. My dad prefers food so food as a present is suitable. Though its a simple dish but its the sincerity that counts. When my bro's back, we'll whip up something more happening to celebrate father's day too.
My first time doing dried wanton mee. Haha... a little plain. Need to add more soy sauce. A feedback from my mum. There's still more room for improvement. Next time will do better and get good chilli sauce to mix the noodle.

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