Saturday, 12 July 2008

Basics of Love

I was following a Hong Kong drama serial. A scene had actually made me realise the basic thing of Love.

Here is how it goes and to cut the story short, I'll start at the episode's argument. The wife was being accused of seeing her ex-husband and get back together. This husband was suspicious and confronted her. The wife had done nothing wrong. She was very furious and scolded the husband for being suspicious and ill-tempered. The husband scolded her for being stubborn and didn't know how to be understanding. The husband's uncle added oil to fire and fanned the flame bigger and caused the argument to get even more heated up. The wife left to stay at her family's place.

Her mother-in-law knew she's not such a woman and went with her son to help stabilise the relationship. The couple argued again when they met up. The mother stepped in and asked each a simple question, look into her eyes and answer truthfully. To the wife, she asked "Do you love him?" To the husband, she asked "Do you love her?" Both answered that they still love each other. The mother then say, if you love each other, why does it have to lead to a divorce. There are so many people in this world, it is very difficult to meet each other and be a couple, having going through so much to get married. Just because of this incident which got misunderstood deeper as the argument goes on, divorce came to their mind. Is it worth it? No one is perfect. Why can't both come to a common standing, endure and patch up? Loving each other is the pillar of strength for a couple to overcome each and every situation in life. Giving each other support, stepping into each other's shoes to see their position and communicate each other's view should be the key to understand each other better.

I was actually very touched by the mother's words and understood that loving each other is the basics to a long-lasting relationship. Such love also refers to kinship. Loving your family members is the same to loving your partner.

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Anonymous said...

Actually a long-lasting relationship is more than just love. One can have all the love but somehow just incompatible, as in different opinions, lifestyles, outlook, habits, etc.. Of course with love all things can be compromised, but having love itself is not all-encompassing. What makes a relationship last is the commitment that comes with it, that no matter what happens, both try to make things work out. Having love without commitment also won't amount to much.