Sunday, 12 April 2009

Online Shopping

I'm not into online shopping. But I find that this website which was set up by my friend should be given a little advertisement.

Why do I want to mention it on my blog here? The reason is simple because the things that was put up for sale online is handmade and very cute. Oops... seems like my masculinity is at stake here. Haha... Well, it doesn't matter because it is really cute. Me being a guy finds it cute and I believe many ladies will like it. Guys and gals either buying for friends or lover, it will be an appropriate gift. There are various accessories like hair clips, bracelets, rings, etc. Nothing beats putting some pictures for people to see how nice is the gifts.

Crystal Angel

Scarf Pin

Teddy Bear

Turtle Cellphone Accessory

There are lots more than just these 4 gifts. To find out more, please do visit this website at Personally, I like the teddy bear. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you are able to get one teddy bear from the shelves or make one teddy bear yourself and hang any one of the beautiful accessory from simplyshines as a gift. Yes... such a gift will definitely be very sweet. But isn't it worthwhile to give it to the person you love. The person will be really touched.

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