Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Baby Nephew

Last Saturday, my aunt brought her grandchild or rather my baby nephew to visit my grandma. He's 7th month but he weighs as heavy as a packet of 10kg rice. A look at him, he's very cute and chubby.
The whole family's attention is on this little precious. He's really a precious. Pampered by my aunt and his mother. Cries if he is put on the bed. Needs to be carried most of the time. Can't sleep without the aircon.
I was wondering what I will be like when I have my own baby. Will I be like my cousin to pamper the baby? It's easy to advise others not to do this, or do that. But when it comes to your own self. It might be a different story. So I'll keep my fingers cross and in future, I'll have to remind myself. Haha... but its no point thinking about this now. It's too far-fetched. I've not even found a gf. Nevertheless, at least I've given it some thought and put it at the back of my head. Will bring it out again when the situation comes.
I should say that my baby nephew really has a loud voice. When we take away the new toy which we tried to grab attention (which apparently we did), he'll scream and face will turn red. Haha... it's really fun to disturb my nephew. We had such a great time disturbing him that after some time he felt tired and cried to sleep. Do I sound like a monster? Haha...

But thinking back, when I was playing with my cousins when they were babies, I've no problem making them laugh but when it comes to my nephew, I'm at wits end. He'll only play with his toys, look around, look for my aunt and not smile. I guess he's shy. Maybe I should interact more with him so he'll feel comfortable with me and maybe I can bring out my charm as I did with my cousins and make him laugh.
It's really a joy to see babies laugh. The feeling is really good.

See, he doesn't smile. What a headache!!

Grrgh.... He knows I'm taking a picture of him and he purposely looked away.

Oh!! I give up!!

I'll try again next time. I don't believe I can't take a nice pic of him. Hehe... gonna try other ways.

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